Tuesday, July 3, 2012

View: Downtown Garwood's North Avenue Was Never 'Desolate'

Garwood is...
It's great that new businesses are coming to Downtown. It's fantastic that entrepreneurs from Cranford and Westfield have 'discovered' the hidden (more affordable) gem that is Garwood, New Jersey. But, in a recent article posted on nj.com the reporter waxed a bit too poetic about the arrival of the new party-planning business at 340 North Avenue. He writes: "its festive pink and powder blue sign and flowers adorning the storefront help bring life to a once desolate North Avenue." 

First off, new business on North Avenue, South Avenue, and Center Street is always a welcomed sign. Merchants are the heart and soul of the business center and their investment is applauded. 365 always reminds residents to support Downtown establishments and 'shop local' first whenever possible. That said, North Avenue, near Garwood Lanes, Al's, Sew and Show, Garwood Coins, Mr. B's Grooming, St. Ann's and a slew of other local favorites was never desolate Mr. Reporter. In fact, that stretch has anchored Downtown for years. Change is afoot in Garwood, but, make no mistake, it was never dead, especially North Avenue at Center Street. The hard-working merchants of this town have set the table for new investment, political leaders have helped, now hopefully, everyone can enjoy the feast.  

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  1. There was a time, possibly after many of the factories closed, along with the ubiquitous pubs (like The Wheel), that Garwood's North Avenue was indeed desolate. Garwood Plaza was the most welcome addition to change all that.