Sunday, July 29, 2012

Garwood Democrats Replace Candidate on 2012 Ballot

The Garwood Democratic Committee has replaced one of its council candidates for this fall's election. Ann Palmer has replaced Michael Wilson who stepped down after the primary election for personal reasons, according to a letter printed in the Cranford Chronicle and posted online at Ann Palmer will be joined by Bill Nierstedt on the Democratic line. Current Demcoratic Councilman Keith Sluka is not running for re-election.

THe GDC says: "Bill and Ann have a positive vision for the future of Garwood because they combine a fresh perspective with their knowledge of the town."

The Republican's are countering with current Councilman Timothy Hak and Carol Kearney.

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  1. I hear the Republicans are not running Carol Kearney either. Do we know with whom she is being replaced?