Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Officials Offer Assurances that Garwood’s New Athletic Field Complex is Progressing

Park Plans
It’s been a long time coming, and according to elected leaders, it’s still on track. Assurances were given at the last council meeting that the $2.1 million dollar plan for the Little League Field is progressing, according to a recent report in the venerable Westfield Leader. When a concern was raised publicly at the meeting about the site’s future Mayor Patricia Quattrocchi said the project is “going forward,” the report says. A bidding process for the construction project is currently underway.
When completed the new recreation site will vastly upgrade the borough’s recreational offerings. 

The complex site was approved in 2010 by the planning board and is currently being paid for through various streams of funding. The massive overhaul of the Little League Field is expected to include new indoor and outdoor amenities. The new site plans include the demolition of the park’s Gazebo and other current equipment.

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