Friday, June 22, 2012

Garwood Paperboard is Most Recent Occupant of Landmark Aeolian Factory

In its heyday the Aeolian Company plant at 93 North Avenue was humming with activity. The manufacturer churned out quality pianos and organs to customers across the nation and even the globe. Nowadays 93 North Avenue is a shadow of its former self. Its current owners are Garwood Paperboard, a company that, by most accounts, has largely ceased operations. The current occupants oversaw the demolition of the site’s famous water tower and are sitting on what could be one of the choicest pieces of properties in Union County. 93 North Avenue lies inside the borough’s Northside Redevelopment District which has been identified by town planners as a site in need of some help, and in the future, possibly a major facelift.

Maybe someday the site’s landmark structures will be blended into a mixed-use development, a place that draws locals, nearby residents and even visitors from elsewhere. For now though, it’s a sad reminder of what the borough of Garwood offered the world and what “Made in Garwood, USA” used to mean. 

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