Thursday, May 31, 2012

Garwood Motto Makeover: Rebranding? Or Ignoring History?

Garwood Industry
Months ago 365 started polling readers about the borough’s current motto. For most of the town’s history it has been declaring itself the: “Industrial Center of Union County.” And while there is still industry to found in town, most of its gloried past is gone. To that end, borough officials began mulling the idea of changing the borough seal’s slogan. Next week 365 will wrap up its polling. While there is still time- weigh-in. Should borough officials 'rebrand' the town by changing Garwood’s motto? Vote today! 

Garwood, at the time of its incorporation, was clearly the Industrial Center of Union County- Hercules Tubeworks, Aeolian, and Thatcher Furnace were a few of the main factories, according to historians. But, in 2012, Garwood is a far different place. 

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