Sunday, April 22, 2012

Westfield Leader and Clark-Garwood Patch Post Identical Articles

Here is something odd: when browsing the multiple sources of information for the borough of Garwood it came to 365's attention that two separately owned news sites posted identical articles- the upstart Clark-Garwood Patch and the venerable Westfield Leader. See for yourself above in a screen grab of both articles. According to the Clark-Garwood Patch the information was taken directly from a press release. 



  1. Why didn’t you ask each of them why they did this before you publicly aired your suspicious thoughts about possible wrongdoing on their part? After all, they are your colleagues providing local news for us. Most likely it was an honest mistake. Please post news rather than malicious speculation in the future.

    And then YOU yourself rip a small stinky one yourself further down the same page on your website with a shortened version of the same article! Who’s the lazy plagiaristic ripping copy/pasting source browsing grabbing funny smelling hypocrite!

  2. True, could be a mistake. Still odd. Thanks.

  3. It simply was more than likely a press release written by a member of the EFG and given to both news medias. The identical article may even have appeared in the Suburban News. It's too bad that it looks as if you are trying to undermine the other news sites.