Thursday, September 22, 2011

Garwood's Child Poverty Rate Increased Slightly Since '00  

The Census Bureau's latest statistics for school district poverty finds that 6.5% of all children aged 5-17 live in poverty in Garwood. That figure is up from 6% in 2000. 

However, Garwood's poverty rate for children aged 5-17 remains low, much like most of the towns in Union County west of the Garden State Parkway, data shows.

According to census figures there are approximately 598 school-aged children in Garwood, 39 of those kids live in poverty, figures show. 

East of the Garden State Parkway (and Plainfield) remains a different story. Cross under the highway and you enter towns with much higher rates of poverty for school-aged kids. Roselle Park, Roselle, Linden and Rahway have elevated rates of poverty. Elizabeth and Plainfield remain the county's poorest cities.


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