Sunday, August 7, 2011

Downtown Garwood Remains a Bowling Mecca in New Jersey

Bowling alleys that once dotted the landscape of the Garden State are slowly disappearing. They were once anchors of the community and gathering places to meet and greet neighbors. But, despite the decline in popularity Garwood remains a staple on any self-respecting Jersey bowler's diet. 

On August 6th Garwood Lanes joined other local alleys to promote the sport of bowling. The Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America set out to beat a record for the number of games bowled on a single day. Joining Garwood Lanes in the day long feat were Jersey Lanes in Linden, Majestic Bowling and Woodbridge Bowling, both in Woodbridge. 

The New Jersey Restaurant Association announced its support of the bowling World Record Day. “As members of the NJRA, the Bowling Proprietors Associations are an important aspect of the hospitality industry,” said NJRA President Deborah Dowdell, according to a report on

Garwood Lanes in located at 346 North Avenue in the borough's Downtown.


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