Friday, May 27, 2011

Forum: Garwood Councilman Slams Police Chief's Appointment

Republican Garwood Councilman James Mathieu has apparently taken to the web to slam the process that was undertaken to appoint the borough's new police chief. 

In a posting on's Garwood Forum, under the screen name jimmathieu, the councilman says the governing body of the borough engaged in an inadequate and hasty selection process in picking Bruce Underhill. 

Screen Capture of Forum Posting
In a long rant at's Garwood Forum he claims the Borough had more than 3 months to conduct a broad and thorough search for a qualified candidate to fill the chief's position, and it failed to do so, according to an apparent irate Mathieu.  

According to Mathieu the borough committee (he wasn't on) chosen to pick the next top-cop only interviewed two lieutenants currently on the force and chose one to become Chief. He slammed the committee for not interviewing an outside candidate, according to the jimmathieu post.

However, Mathieu tempered his online rant with the fact that he was dissatisfied with the selection process for the new Police Chief and not with the new Chief himself.

The posting garnered some angry responses on the forum.

Mathieu is an avid poster on, as is Republican Mayor Patricia Quattrocchi, who uses the name patq4fh. Which brings us to our new poll question: Hey Garwood! Should elected officials use online tools, forums or websites, to vent their political views?


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