Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Vote: Garwood School Elections

Election day is Wednesday, April 27th. Voting starts at 2pm and runs through 8pm. Garwood residents will vote for (or, like last year against) the school budget and for two open seats on the Board of Education. Two names will be on the ballot: Christine Guerriero and Aaron Watkins. There is also one candidate running as a write-in: Tom Evelina. 

The Garwood school budget of $6,651,935 lowers taxes on the average home by $34. This question covers the basics of running the 1 school district.

A second question will ask residents to approve funding various programs, including a full-day Kindergarten. Those programs, with a cost of $147,734 will cost the owner of the “average home” $72, and lead to a net increase of $38 for the average home. This question would also fund sports, the 8th grade play, instrumental music and art programs.

Last year Garwood shot down the school budget in a very close vote. By a count of 357 to 353 the school budget was rejected. Susan Groning, Brendan McDermott and John Sullivan won seats on the Board of Education in 2010.


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