Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mixed Bag of Results for Garwood's Sending High School A.L.J

Arthur L. Johnson High School boosted it's language arts literacy proficiency score, but saw a decrease in its math proficiency score, according to the State Department of Education. The information was released this week by the D.O.E in its annual school report card. 

According to the State nearly 79% of ALJ students scored proficient in language arts for the 2009-2010 school year, up from 77% in 2008-2009. The number of students that failed the language arts HSPA fell from nearly 7% to just less than 5%. And the number of students who were considered advanced in language arts rose from 16% to nearly 17%.

Math was different story though. Only 58% of ALJ students got a proficient grade on the High School Proficiency Assessment (or HSPA) for the 2009-2010 school year. That is down from 65% proficient in 2008-2009. The number of students who failed math HSPA rose to 21% from 17%. One bright spot should be noted. The number of students who were considered advanced in Math jumped from 18% to 21%.

Both Math and Language Arts scores at ALJ were higher than the State's average scores.

A.L.J enrollment is up in the 2009-2010 report. According to the report card the school serves 852 students, up from 827 in 2008-2009. ALJ boasts a 100% graduation rate, according to the state. As for post-graduation plans, the report found that 70% of seniors in the Class of 2010 planned on going to a four year college or university, while 21% planned on going to a two year college. 

Lastly, the report found that the district spent on average $13,547 per pupil to educate them in the school year. 


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