Thursday, October 7, 2010

NJ Transit
Garwood's Hope for Direct Service to Manhattan appears Dead

Chris Christie's decision to kill plans for a second rail tunnel to Manhattan all but ensures the Raritan Valley Line will not see direct access to Penn Station for the foreseeable future. Christie cited cost over-runs as the main reason for killing the massive tunnel project that would have doubled the number of trains that could make the trip into the city. 

New Jersey Transit officials released this statement: “While we recognize the importance and value of a cross-Hudson transportation improvement project, the current economic climate in New Jersey simply does not allow for this project to continue considering the substantial additional costs that are required.  The ARC project is just not a financially viable project that we can responsibly move forward.”

In the Star Ledger's coverage of the dead-deal the paper said North Jersey homeowners are one of the big losers, especially towns like Garwood. Real estate experts estimated homes in North Jersey within two miles of a train station would increase in value by $19,000, and homes within walking distance of a train station would increase by an average of $29,000, according to the report.


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  1. for now. Its pathetic that the residents and in this case the commuters get jerked around. The past state administrations were rife in major boondoggles and cronyism in contracts and services let out to their pals and pltical donors all for the sake of a good cause. The tunnel is not dead and the commutors should not give up hope, just push it back a few years unfortunatly. But there are 2 other plans actually more viable than the macy basement plan...and less expensive and less wasteful and abusive of our tax money. It even will have the cooperation of amtrak and the accountability instilled that the FTA (fed xport agency) wanted that was so lacking in the xanadu/macys basement plan and that was the hallmark of the usual NJ boondoggles like the school construction corporation, the DMV anduto inspection fiascos, (and closer to home the solar panel and the RVSA construction expansion.)

    Its refreshing to see fiscal integrity and accountability being reborn in the state after the past 10 years of waste and abuse heaped on the taxpayers.