Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Study: Garwood's New K-8 Setup is Better for Student Performance

It may have been done for budgetary reasons- but, Garwood's lone school configuration may actually be good for the students of the borough in the long-run. According to a new study out of Columbia University, entitled Stuck in the Middle: Impacts of Grade Configuration in Public Schools, K-8 schools fare better than traditional middle schools.

Middle school students enrolled in K-8 schools fared better on standardized tests than those in typical middle schools, serving only grades 6-8, the study found.

Analyzing data on New York City public school students who entered 3rd grade between 1998 and 2002, researchers Jonah Rockoff and Benjamin Lockwood found that students who remained in elementary schools with middle school grades scored, on average, seven percent higher on state tests than their peers in segregated middle schools.

Maybe Garwood will see the same results.

One local teacher says the study may be the result of better communication between teachers, administrators and department heads all housed under one roof, "it allows for more conversation about what has already been taught and lessens the chance something may be retaught." The teacher went on to say, "that's one problem that does exist when students migrate to new schools."

In an exclusive 365 poll readers were asked if it was appropriate to have Pre-K students and Junior High Schoolers in the same building. 62% of voters said- YES, money is tight. 37% said NO, it is not acceptable. 91 votes were cast in that poll question.


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