Thursday, September 9, 2010

Garwood Public Schools are Open for Business

...Er. Actually- Public School. That's right, this year the Garwood Public School system is, in reality, just one school. On Thursday Lincoln School is taking on its first day as the first and only school in the borough. Officials say the school is ready for its new challenge. 

A majority of 365 readers were fine with the consolidation of the school's grade levels in one building. In an exclusive 365 poll readers were asked if it was appropriate to have Pre-K students and Junior High Schoolers in the same building. 62% of voters said- YES, money is tight. 37% said NO, it is not acceptable. 91 votes were cast in that poll question.

Watch for children on the Northside
As always, with the first day of school in full swing locals are urging drivers to be aware of the kiddies on the streets. Expect to see a surge of parents and students crossing in the morning and the afternoon at South and North Avenues making their way from the Southside of town onto Walnut Avenue and 3rd Avenue in the Northside.
As for the new setup, pre-kindergarten and kindergarten will occupy four classrooms to accommodate the extra classes. Superintendent Dr. Teresa Quigley outlined a plan that will reorganize the usual placement of classes on all three floors of Lincoln — the basement, first floor and second floor. Class sizes will not be increased, according to report in the Cranford Chronicle.
The closure of Washington came after word of Gov. Chris Christie's proposed budget for fiscal year 2010-2011 included a 64% cut in state aid to the borough. 

High School children in the borough had their first day of school on September 7th. 


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