Tuesday, September 14, 2010

FBI: 7 Garwood Homes Burglarized in 2009, 3 Violent Crimes Reported

FBI Crime Stats for 2009 have been released and overall crime in the borough remains low. But, one stat that inched higher was burglaries. In 2008 Garwood reported 6 burglaries, in 2009 that increased to 7. While burglaries were up in the borough, they are down from 2006 when thieves pulled off 11 of them in town-- and way down from 16 in 2002.

2009 was also more violent than 2008, according to the FBI. Statistics show there was 1 robbery and 2 aggravated assaults in '09. In '08 both of those crimes were not committed, officials say.

As for other noteworthy crime stats from 2009, the borough saw no Murders, Rapes, Car Thefts or Arson Incidents.


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