Wednesday, August 4, 2010

In Print: Garwood's Little League Field 'Hot Spot' Identified

At recent Council Meeting- Councilman Jonathan Linken announced the results of a soil and groundwater investigation at Garwood’s Little League Field, where the chemical chlordane was found, according to a report on

“No pesticides were found in the groundwater, although metals were found. But this is common in historical fill areas,” he said.

To eliminate the chlordane hotspot, digging will be required. The hotspot, located in the corner of the park by Spruce Avenue and Oak Street, is three feet deep by ten feet wide.

“The design element of the project can now move forward,” Linken said. Initial improvements for Little League Park can be found on the borough’s website. They include renovating the athletic complex and planting trees to reconstruct a walk way. The initial plans have since been updated, but are not yet finalized.


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