Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Census Snapshot: In 2000 Garwood's Population More Diverse

When the 2000 Census was tabulated Central Union County* (defined below) was still primarily populated by White Non-Hispanics, sometimes referred to as European Americans, according to census data.

But as opposed to 1990 there were a lot less tracts with nearly 100% White populations.

In 1990, sections of Cranford and Clark, Winfield, and all of Garwood were homogeneous European American populations. But, in 1990 those majorities, while still strong, lessened in every tract except Winfield.

In Central Union County significant non-white, or minority populations, (seen in the lightest blue) existed in only Central Westfield and the small Roselle census tract peaking in on the far right. No section of Central Union County was majority minority. In 2000, that changed- Roselle became a majority minority tract.

The borough of Garwood makes up the entirety of census tract 369.


As the 2010 Census is tabulated 365 is launching a new topic, and series, on Census Information and Demographics.

365 Defines Central Union County as: Garwood, Cranford, Westfield, Mountainside, Kenilworth, Clark, and Winfield. (Scotch Plains, Linden, Springfield, Roselle Park and Roselle, though seen on the map, are not included.)

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