Sunday, April 25, 2010

Westfield Patch: Garwood should 'fix' Dangerous Intersection

According to the Westfield Patch the corner of West Street and Beech is a dangerous one. The blog cites past accidents, including one on Friday. The blog says a Westfield resident wants it corrected asap.

Does the Patch make a valid point?

Westfield Patch Post:
A Garwood intersection, a few hundred feet from the Westfield town line, labeled as dangerous by Westfield residents in the fall, was the seen of a two car accident Friday morning.

One car rear ended another at the intersection of West Street and Beech Street in Garwood. While details of the accident remain unclear, a witness reported that at least one driver appeared to be injured in the crash. The street sign at the intersection was knocked down and dragged several feet in the accident.

The intersection in question was raised as dangerous by a south side resident in October, who noted that cars on West Street do not abide by the stop sign at the intersection. Cars coming from Pine Street in Westfield on to Beech turn a slightly blind curve just before the intersection. At the time Garwood Mayor Dennis McCarthy said upgrades would be made to the intersection, several of which were on display Friday.

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  1. a 4 way stop at that intersection would solve the problem