Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Odd Sized Lots Abound in Garwood's Northside Redevelopment District

There long, there a bit awkwardly shaped and they may hold the key to the future of Garwood.

The Northside Redevelopment District centered on North Avenue between Oak Street and the Cranford line is also full of different uses. Some lots are zoned for
commercial, others are both multi family and single family lots. There's also currently a sizable number of Industrial square footage and mixed-use plots.

The key for town players as they proceed is to keep the site within the size and scope of the current neighborhood, but not limit the unlimited creative uses for the sizable tract of land.

Take a walk in the area (which will currently stand with no nickname). The area is full of potential.

Garwood will have to wait though, as borough officials tend to other matters in this prolonged economic downturn.

Northside Redevelopment District Outlined in Green


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