Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Police: Lock Car Doors!

Unlocked cars parked on the streets of the Northside were rummaged through, according to Garwood Police.

Coverage in the Chronicle:

GARWOOD--Garwood Police are reporting that approximately a dozen vehicles were entered overnight in various blocks on the north side of town.

All of the vehicles were left unlocked and were rummaged through. Mostly loose change and currency were taken, while other items such as GPSs and laptop computers were left behind. In one instance a wallet was taken.

Police were best able to determine the times being after midnight and before 5 a.m. based on different victim accounts.

They occurred on Winslow Place, Fourth and Fifth avenues and Cedar and North Oak streets. Reports were filed by PO Jeff Kleinsorgen. There are no suspects at this time and the incidents are under investigation.

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  1. same thing happened in fanwood 1 week ago.