Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Boro Board of Election Results

(D) Keith Sluka- 651 votes
(R) Timothy Hak- 658 votes

(D) Kathleen Villaggio- 640 votes
(R) James Matheson- 636 votes

2,591 votes were cast

And in a 365 poll conducted running up to the election, readers were asked: What drives your vote at the polls?

The answer was loud and clear: 83% of readers said TAXES drive their voting habits.

Education came in 2nd with 33% of the vote, with Parks in 3rd at 16%. Party Affiliation received no votes.


  1. Amazingly close race... just goes to show, every vote counts!

  2. also helping is creating a high profile by going door to door. This strategy was developed by the dem campaigns in the past. Take it to the people!