Sunday, September 15, 2013

Typos Stand Out in Chronicle Article on Garwood 9/11 Quilt

Eighth graders who created a quilt to commemorate 9/11 did a great job, the Cranford Chronicle, which posted an article about it, did not.

In a September 12th article posted on the Cranford Chronicle made some typos in a short paragraph that accompanied a photo of the quilt inside borough hall.

Can you find them? I'm sure the Eighth Graders could.

Click on the photo to enlarge the image.


  1. now you're getting picky gw365. we all make typos, or grammatical errors, maybe the news media should be held to a higher standard since the reader is normally paying for the pleasure of the reading. But even you had an error regarding the 9/11 "skyscrapers" (you had 2 P's in the word. Hey even my blog is rife with typos, but to me as long as the concept is understood or info is relayed, I do not care. We are all human. Heck, if anything I allow my detractors that pleasure of harping on a typo I make since the discussion in the blog is normally on the money.

  2. Why not just give kudos to the kids for a job well done with the banner? The good intentions of the students with the project is really what counts and deserves to be highlighted not the Chronicle's proofreading.