Thursday, July 18, 2013

Observation: Garwood Gets Top Billing on Suburban News Site

Coincidence? Possibly. Reaction to our rhetorical question just a few days earlier about whether the Suburban News is actually relevant to the borough? Possibly even more possible.

Garwood (joined by underserved Fanwood) beat out the City of Elizabeth, Union, Clark and others in a cooling center article featured on in the Suburban News section. The article goes out of its way to put Garwood first for apparently no reason. The article simply lists cooling centers open throughout the county. The reason this stands out is that Garwood has not appeared in a Suburban News headline for what seems like weeks (especially on its website). Also, the Suburban News sometimes even goes months on end without even a mention (aside from listing the borough on its 'Zone One' masthead) of the Industrial Center of Union County.

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