Friday, July 5, 2013

Garwood Book Lovers Have Locally Owned Options Nearby

Remember these...BOOKS!
At best, local bookstores (and comic book shops!) are often community landmarks and, at there very least, they offer a break from the big box store monotony that beleaguers commercial strips like hellish Route 22.
And while e-books make giant stores like Barnes and Noble more and more obsolete everyday, independent stores can still thrive if they are supported by locals, grab a niche market or offer other items like coffee, food or toys.

Sadly, while there are no local book stores in town, (Garwood would love one, though! Maybe on Center Street in one of those small storefronts) there are still a handful thriving in neighboring communities. They are worth the drive to patronage, especially if you can find a way to not take Route 22 to get there!

Bookworm- 99 Claremont Rd. Bernardsville- (908) 766-4599

Sages Pages- 300 Main St. Madison- (973) 377-7777

Amazing Heroes- 966 Stuyvesant Ave- (908) 687-4338

Words - 179 Maplewood Ave Maplewood- (973) 763-9500

Watchung Booksellers- 54 Fairfield St. Phone: (973) 744-7177

The Town Book Store- 270 E. Broad St. Westfield- (908) 233-3535

Little Shop of Comics- 393 Park Ave., Scotch Plains- (908) 322-9402

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