Saturday, December 22, 2012

2012 View: Historic Ground Breaking in Garwood a Big Bet

Historic moment captured in the Westfield Leader
A new era has begun in Garwood. Like it or not, the borough is making a major investment in recreation, a gamble that some say will indeed pay-off in the long-term. The new multi-million dollar Athletic Field Complex shows current and future residents that Garwood is placing a big wager on young families with children. Families drawn to the borough will insure that Garwood stays vibrant, relevant, and continually evolving. 

Yes the project is expensive. But, during recession it's often best to build projects like this one when labor and materials tend to be cheaper, analysts say. Regardless, kudos to the borough for placing a bet on families. It's one that will likely lead to a big win.   


  1. Investment in recreation? How about investment in the quality of education and life in the town? Wasting $3.2m on a recreation field the schools won't even have any benefit in is merely just a pipe-dream of a select few who are heavily involved in and benefit from the Recreation Department in the town. A paid Rec Director - really? We have Unami park to use. How about a field for the kids at school? Now that might be a benefit considering they go to school in a concrete jungle environment. Sad state of affairs but typical - the same people run everything and make all the decisions - getting their way.

  2. I completely agree. To my knowledge I've heard Washington school is now used by the YMCA. Wouldn't it have been more cost efficient if we had optimized its usage for the town's best interest and built a rec field behind the school. There is quite a bit of land there which I never see used and I drive by there frequently. Its too late now- but it is worth realizing that if the AFC does not turn out to be a good investment- generations of Garwood residents that move or live in the town will end up paying for it.