Thursday, November 1, 2012

Garwood Suffers Outages, Wind Damage from Hurricane Sandy

PSEG working overtime in the area!
While many in the state are suffering, nearly all of Garwood fared well from the so-called Superstorm Hurricane Sandy. The storm impacted the coastal communities in the state far worse than inland areas, the opposite scenario from last year's arrival of Irene. There was wind damage in Garwood, along with power outages in a majority of town, particularly the Southside.

Street tree down at Washington School

Trees fell in many sections of town including on Center Street, West Street and Union Street. Low rainfall totals saved Garwood from worse damage, including at the Center Street Underpass which suffered severe damage last year during Irene.

As of 11/1 nearly all homes in Garwood have seen there power restored, officials say. During the storm residents were able to use borough facilities to seek warmth and the ability to charge electronic devices.

Garwood Schools will remain closed until Monday.

Borough officials say Election Day will proceed as normal.

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