Thursday, October 18, 2012

Garwood Mayor's Daughter Saves Pup from Busy North Avenue

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Garwood Mayor Patricia Quattrocchi has another reason to be proud of her daughter. On Wednesday Kathryn Quattrocchi saved a small dog from North Avenue after it was hit by an SUV. The 21-year-old said her focus was to save the small terrier as quickly as possible and get him out of harm's way before he sustained further injury, according to a report on the Clark-Garwood Patch. Apparently the owner lost his grip on the dog's leash allowing him to run out onto North Avenue near the corner of Chestnut, the report says.

The Mayor of Garwood told the Patch that she not at all surprised by her daughter's heroic actions.

"I'm not surprised that Katy did that. Katy is a very caring, generous, young lady. I'm very proud of her," the mayor said of her daughter, who she says is an animal lover, just like her father, the report says.

The dog was taken to a vet for treatment.

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