Saturday, April 14, 2012

Borough Council Meetings Remain Tense, Councilman Asked to Resign

They are at it again. Relationships between local elected officials remain strained as Mayor Patricia Quattrocchi relieved Councilman Jim Mathieu of his duties as recreation liaison, according to a report on the Clark-Garwood Patch. In addition to the removal, Councilman Victor DeFilippo asked for Mathieu's resignation from council, the report says. The meeting also prompted a heated back-and-forth and accusations of drunk dialing. 



  1. DeFilippo sounds like a thug who wants to meet up with Mathieu and duke it out. Interesting that he did not deny calling Mathieu. Kudos to Mathieu for inviting the often-absent DeFilippo to show up to meetings once in a while and for shaking up a small town that likes to overpay for everything, including its own employees who want guaranteed raises for life.

    1. lets throw out all of these idiots and get people with commons sense, some brains and the ability to abstain from drunk dialing! These are the people you want making the decisions here in town?