Friday, October 7, 2011

Picture it: The Garwood Italian-American Festival 

Many towns host festivals, and in New Jersey a large number of those are Italian-themed. The idea behind a classic Italian feast is usually based in religion, and most of the time, is used to celebrate a Christian Saint. 

Sophia: "Picture it! Garwood 2012!"
In nearby Clark the town is holding its 5th Annual UNICO (Unity, Neighborliness, Integrity, Charity, and Opportunity) Italian Feast this weekend. The celebration is more secular than most Italian festivals in New Jersey. 

Garwood, like Clark, has a large Italian-American population and a similar feast may be a good draw for Downtown. A festival could also help build some local pride. October is Italian American Heritage Month- so it would be an ideal time to acknowledge the contributions of many local residents. 

Some ideas:

The St. Anne's Festival:
The borough's Roman Catholic Parish could string festival lights on North Avenue and use their large parking lot for food, rides and games.

The Garwood Italian-American Festival:
The Knights of Columbus or another volunteer group could stage a more secular feast that could be held at the Little League Field. Just don't forget the festival lights!

The Center Street Italian-American Festival:
Or- how about one right down Center Street in Downtown. The festival could provide some much needed attention to the strip.


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