Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Garwood 365 Celebrates 730 Days Since First Online Post

...And we smell like a Monkey and we look like one too! Yay! Happy Birthday!

It's official. Garwood 365 has been around for exactly 2 years, posting both original content and pointing to dozens of articles, tidbits, and posts on other sites and blogs. 

Since the inception of this site Garwood has seen the addition of a well run, and well written, Patch site (that, unfortunately gives top-billing Clark), along with a less original, and less appealing town site on nj.com

We at 365 hope you enjoy checking-in with Garwood's original Community News and Neighborhood Blogging website. It's our hope that this site has at least been entertaining, and at best, informative. Our first post was on August 23, 2009, the chilling story of Emily Errico. 365 posted three stories in August of 2009, and we're up to nearly 500!

As we move forward we pledge to be positive, community-oriented, current, accurate, and fun. 

Garwood is a terrific town with a good heart and bold personality. Its merchants are hard-working and it residents are active, aware and engaged. 365 is always trying to grow and learn. 

Thanks for stopping by over the past two years! We LOVE Garwood. 


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  1. we wish you good luck in your third year. Get out there and do some talking, digging and investigating! Being a news consolidator is just a start.