Friday, December 24, 2010

Local Pride: Garwood's Own Postcard  has Arrived

It has taken a year to create, but Garwood's vintage-styled postcard is ready for its big debut. The photographs are all original and 365 hopes it captures Garwood's unique personality, spirit, and style. 

Here are the local landmarks that made the cut: 

Center Street's Smiley
The "G" houses the Center Street Smiley, Garwood's own version of an "Asbury Park-like face" in Downtown. The Smile gives the postcard a pop of yellow, and sets the tone for the mood of the piece.

The "A" is the demolished water tower that, up until 2009, stood proudly along North Avenue. The 109 year old Aeolian Company Water Tower may be gone but it will always be remembered in this postcard. The Tower is almost a silhouette, a black shadow of what once stood. 

The "R" frames Casale Industries on South Avenue, a hulking landmark that currently defines the present day Industrial Center of Union County.

The "W" looks back at the past glory of the Industrial Center of Union County. The deep red of the Aeolian Company Headquarters bleeds into the back round of the postcard itself. The postcard is Aeolian Red and like the "W" it stands at the center of it all.      

The Town Clock
The first "O" is Garwood's great town clock at the corner of Center Street and North Avenue. Its intricate detail makes for an interesting contrast against Garwood's blue sky. The town clock anchors the north and south sections of Downtown.

The second "O" is the heart of Garwood's education system- the Lincoln School. The interesting mosaic on its frontage, with its painted doors, softens the building's exterior. 

And finally the "D" is the Memorial Gazebo at Georgiana Park. Every town honors its past residents and the small neighborhood landmark for the late Mayor Georgiana Gurrieri captures what it means to live in a small town. 

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