Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Garwood's Pathmark will Remain Open, For Now

A&P, the parent company of Pathmark, filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection earlier this month.  The filing comes after its announcement this year that it will close 8 stores in New Jersey. But, for now Garwood's Pathmark remains off the chopping block, according to company officials. Currently, management and the union representing store workers are hammering out a new work agreement that could save the company from shutting down.  

A&P says it has entered into a $800 million financing plan with Chase bank which it hopes will turn the company around.

Garwood serves as the area's "bread basket" with three supermarkets in the borough, Pathmark, ShopRite and Kings. The trio serve Westfield and Cranford, and employ hundreds of people.  

Pathmarks closing in NJ:
• North Brunswick
• South Plainfield
• West Paterson
• Fort Lee
• Belleville
• Union 
• North Bergen
• Marlboro


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  1. I always referred to Garwood as the "feeding trough" of union county, but "breadbasket" at least has a more positive connotation. These restaurants, supermarkets, fast food places, pizzarias and delis bring in patrons and a good revenue and ratable stream for the merchants and municipality. A tad too many in this under 1 square mile boro, around 27 food related merchants at last count, but whats here is here. Its a variety, and a healthy competition keeps lower prices for the patrons. We should go with your designation.