Sunday, October 31, 2010

(D) McCarthy and (R) Quattrocchi
Garwood Voters to Cast Ballots Tuesday

Who will be the next Mayor of Garwood? Which political party will have more sway over the Council? Will Republicans seize control of Garwood by taking two council positions and the post of Mayor? Will the Democrats strengthen their grip in town by sweeping? That's up to you.

Tuesday is election day and Garwood residents will be choosing between Democratic Mayor Dennis McCarthy or his Republican Challenger Patricia Quattrocchi. Voters will also be picking two new council members. Polls open up at 6am and stay open until 8pm. If you have trouble voting or have questions contact the Union County Board of Elections: 908-527-4121.

(D) Dennis McCarthy
(R) Patricia Quattrocchi

(R) Victor DeFilippo 
(R) James Mathieu

(D) Kathleen Villaggio 
(D) Matthew Allouf

Some Election Notes:

Last year Garwood voters went Purple electing 1 Republican and 1 Democrat to the Council.
Kathleen Villaggio was on last year's ballot too- she lost her re-election bid.
Two incumbents on the Borough Council whose terms are expiring — Democrat Stephen Napolitino and Republican Anthony Sytko — are not seeking re-election.
Last year 2,591 votes were cast in town.

Democratic Seats: 3
In Play: 2
Republican Seats: 1

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  1. pretty novel that you have your own poll as to who the mayor could be. I had not voted in your poll but believe your poll is fairly accurate based on whats going on around town. It shows the GOP far ahead of the Dem incumbant which is interesting. GW365, if you are reading this may I make a suggestion on your blog but only if what I note is true and it may be too late in the game anyway. Can you vote more than once for the candidate? If some GOPPper is logging in and voting multiple times, that may be the reason why we see quatrocchi so far ahead. You should note in your blog you are only allowed to vote once. Political operatives do shifty things sometimes.

    Otherwise I like your blog a lot.