Monday, September 27, 2010

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Divergent Points of View on Garwood's Mayor McCarthy

In a post on's Garwood Forum the TreeEditor2 offered a bleak analysis of Mayor Dennis McCarthy. He surmised that the mayor does not want to be mayor any more. He posted: "He is of ill health, tired of the many issues that can't be solved, services being cut, that albatross of a cover up that he enabled, the bad politics coming down from the county that he can't stop since he is the same poltical party." TreeEditor2 also claims his honor is being blasted from all sides including Democrats, Republicans and Independents. Another avid Forum Poster, usually with very divergent views than the TreeEditor2 agreed. TreeEditor2 also published a scathing Letter-to-the-Editor in the Suburban News.

Unfair Analysis?

The Garwood Forum posters and the letter could not be further in view-point from another letter-to-the-editor that appeared in the Suburban News back on September 9th. That letter gave glowing reviews to the Mayor and his Democratic team. 



  1. Because of the Mayors decision to obey the county bosses orders and refuse to hand over documents relevant to the Mirabella cover-up, Garwood was sued and lost a $50,000 lawsuit. Why doesn't the mayor pay for it? He made enough money from Union County--they purchased hundreds of thousands of dollars from his auto parts store. Hey Mayor...Ever hear of OPRA? thats the Open Public Records Act.

  2. Since when is it an acceptable practice for the Garwood DPW to plow a driveway of a private residence? Was it because the residence is owned by a DPW employee? It happened after the snowstorm of 1/27. Early that morning a Garwood DPW truck was seen clearing out a driveway of a private residence on the 300 block of Myrtle Ave. Is this how our tax dollars are spent? Someone in power should investigate this and take the proper action!