Monday, August 2, 2010

Garwood's Community News and Blogging Website Celebrates 1st Birthday

It's Birthday Month at 365! On August 23, 2009, this website went live. In that time Garwood has supplied plenty of news and nuggets- enough to post 262 articles. The site has also generated a good amount of reader posts and reader submitted material.

Some time ago, the Cranford Pundit webmaster described 365 this way:

Garwood 365 is one of those very positive pro-community blogs and worth a read.

Positive, community-oriented blogs are great. I think Garwood is somewhat misunderstood. It’s undersized, over-policed, and is evolving. And it could probably use some additional self-esteem. (What havoc has Westfield wreaked on Garwood and Cranford? It’s like they’re the gorgeous older sibling that gets all the attention or something.)

Garwood is gorgeous and changing daily. And while the town is probably enroute to becoming more like Cranford and Westfield than its former self- it will always remain a unique place, with a unique identity. 365 hopes to capture a bit of that here at Garwood's Industrial Strength Blog.

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  1. happy birthday and congratualtions for informing the boro of whats happening through the past year. As you note Garwood sure does change daily....the residents just havent decided what direction.