Thursday, June 3, 2010

Photo Credit and Tour of Centennial Village

Garwood Shoppers: Take Lincoln Avenue to Nearby Centennial Village

Garwood has a unique Downtown that continues to attract new small businesses all the time. But, it's important for Garwood shoppers to patronize and experience other local shopping districts, to, at least, ensure they do the same when they drive down North and South Avenues in town.

To that end, check out Centennial Village, Cranford's Second-City-of-sorts. Think of it this way: if Downtown Cranford is that Township's New York City, then Centennial is their Chicago.

The small Village has undertaken a quiet renovation that is attracting more out-of-towners to it's eclectic mix of stores.

From a butcher shop, to a shoe store, to a local florist to a great locally owned bistro.


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