Monday, June 7, 2010

Garwood Restaurant Serves-up Italian Food with a side of Good-Will

Just in case you needed another reason to Eat Local, Bensi Italian Restaurant on South Avenue is taking part in a fundraiser for the Garwood little league.

On Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesdays the eatery has been donating 10% of bills to the baseball organization.

The fundraiser has been going on since April and will finish up this month. Bensi reminds diners that they must bring a flyer with them to take part in the cash drive.

Flyers are available:



  1. Bensi doesn't have my good will. Went about 5 times and stopped about 4 years ago after I saw how the staff seemed indifferent to persons of obvious "minority" status, DESPITE the fact that I had doubts about the "employab ility" of certain workers whose command of English was at best poor. Even with coupons, we won't go. And frankly if you do decide to go there, if you don't pick a day when a coupon is available to use, then you are a jerk. My recollection is that it's food was at best one notch above that of a chain but definately NOT in the league of fine dining.

  2. They dont have my good will either. I complained to the waitress in regard to some inedible things in my scungilli salad. The managers total indifference to my complaint and his obvious annoyed attitude towards me has turned me completely off to this place. Before this issue, my wife and I ate their weekly--wine, appetizers, the whole thing.
    I have not stepped foot in that place since then--and that was TWO YEARS AGO! I refuse to cater to an institution that does not the the meaning of customer service!!!