Sunday, March 28, 2010

Garwood Postcard Update

365's Garwood 'vintage' postcard has some classic borough place-marks.

G: Old Water Tower
A: Musician at Crossroads
R: Unami Park Sign
W: Blue Ribbon
O: Train Station
O: Lofts
D: Garwood Lanes

Does the postcard represent the Industrial Center of Union County?


  1. all reasonable selections and they do represent the Garwood we know of past and present. Just too many to decide from obviously. Aeolian, maybe westwood, lions gazebo, fieldhouse are landmarks too...hey what about ann leaonard? (kidding on that last one) Make the letters bigger if possible to see the scenes better/ split the gar and wood to different lines, maybe a better background than a solid color somehow if youre a graphic artist. I'd buy a pack for the holiday. Of course there were many postcards of Garwood, see the 2003 anniversary book. This one has a different touch.

  2. PS: left out the NJ......