Monday, December 7, 2009

Welcome to the Back Burner: Garwood's Redevelopment District

You know what stretch of Garwood Borough officials are eyeing for redevelopment on the Northside of town; it doesn't take a master planner to identify it.

It's that stretch of North Avenue just over the border from Cranford where Garwood's sign could as well read: Welcome to Garwood, Enjoy Our Many Body Shops and Empty Factories.

The Northside Redevelopment District (365 calls it NRD) officially stretches from the Cranford border along North Avenue including the massive Aeolian Factory. Its most dense section (which holds its greatest potential) includes the north and south sides of North Avenue from Winslow Place to Anchor Place-- where the avenue does a snake-like maneuver, according to the borough's Master Plan.

But, both the NRD large lots on the south side of North Avenue, and the oddly shaped small ones on the north side, have been 'officially' placed on the back-burner, according a published report. And, while the NRD is far from being a dead issue, it has been essentially set aside until the economy and the real estate market rebound, reports say.

The Council is expected to revisit the issue at a future date.

And while the NRD includes at least 4 body-shops and a healthy amount of square footage of unused industrial space, the area also affects Frosty Freeze, Dittrick Wines and Liquors, Cranford Guitar, and a number of homes and apartments.

Stay Tuned.


  1. a niftier name should be NoRed. The planning board will probably be the first to handle the planning concept of redeveopment at those areas on either side. The master plan actually says it is a "potential" area in need of redevelopement and with the word "potential" in its description means it may not be a go ahead in the near future.

    Another area in the master plan is the Casale/ alcoa acreage. This is designated a "transit village" in the master plan. In actuality it is really also an area in need of redeveopement just like NoRed but identified with a specific use. IE a transit orientated use. We should call this area SoRed.

    Like you said, NoRed and SoRed-stay tuned.

  2. if you want to see something go to google maps type in 120 anchor place garwood NJ. Then go to street view; take a look at the corner of the block wall to the left of that address. Interesting. Better be redeveloped soon