Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bar: Got Wine?

Rosie's Wine Bar has added, what many say, has been a much-needed boost to the number of options for a night-out in the borough.

And, to help promote itself to both residents and visitors alike, Rosie's is hosting its first 'Wine Swap Event.'

"We want our customers to share their favorite wines with one another" exclaims the sleek outpost's website.

"So, on the last Monday of the year we invite all wine geeks, wine lovers and wine novices alike to bring and share your favorite bottle of domestic wine."

According to the website attendees will have to RSVP, and are asked to NOT bring good ol' 2-buck-chuck.

To get more info on how it work's and how to take part check out their webiste: Rosie's Wine Bar

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