Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Trains are Coming!
The Trains are Coming!

365 has learned that the Garwood Train Station
has just become a slightly more popular stop for NJ Transit Trains.

According to a commuter, the Borough now has 1 additional Newark-bound train during the Weekday morning rush. The Garwood commuter says the new 6:29 am train adds a much needed option between the dreaded 5:45am train and the 7:02am train. Thanks for the tip -365

Here's NJ Transit's Official Schedule for City bound trains:

NJ Transit has also officially added weekend service for Garwood-- 2 trains each way to Newark.

Here is the weekend info, there's new trains at 8:51am and 10:51am to Newark and a new 5:58pm and 7:58pm back to Garwood:

The new service comes at a time when NJ Transit and Borough Officials are trying to push Garwood as a transit village location. Currently there is 1 transit oriented development that could be destined for Downtown. And, of course, more trains can only help that ultimate goal.

NJ Transit has yet to change its online schedule, but the printed ones available at the Station have the new changes.

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  1. we appreciate all the hard work that councilman sytko did on this issue. He even did little informal polls of commuters and commuter cars parked aorund our boro. This issue dragged on for over 10 years before finally some movement toward resolution. His findings and initial data were then passed on to a committee containing the mayor and councilwoman KV for fianl action. Thanks, Anthony, you did good in finally resolving this issue. The mayor and KV should get kudos to for coming in at the last few months for the final push.