Thursday, September 3, 2009

No Spiral Notebooks...(please!)

With another school year ready to start up-- Garwood's Public Schools are asking parents to pitch-in and buy suplies for their children to use at school. The annual "list" is not uncommon in New Jersey and has been used for years to help under -funded schools acquire supplies, and to give parents a compass for shopping.

At quick glance here are some of the more notable items requested from Education officials at 400 Second Avenue:

1st grade teachers, Mrs. Parkhill and Mrs Novello, have managed to raise taxes on borough parents-- in a very specific way. The duo asks 1st grade parents to cough up 20 pennies, 10 dimes, 5 nickels and 4 quarters (that's another $2.45! in taxes). The teachers also ask parents to put the coinage in containers and NOT ziplock bags (heaven-forbid). And, if you'd like, the 1st grader teachers would gladly accept baby wipes, but, they note, that is not required.

2nd grade teachers, Mrs. Florio and Mrs. O’Connor, want students to bring an old sock to school. Yes, an old one. Not sure why it needs to be old, but the teachers explain they will be used for erasers on those white-boards.

Mrs. Berglund and Mrs. Ristau (third grade teachers), apparently don't like spiral notebooks, and implore parents to buy 4 hardcover bounded notebooks instead. They are polite about it though and say: "No spirals...please" (a polite request). They also want old socks, but they note, they want "clean" ones, as opposed to the 2nd grader teachers who didn't make cleanliness an issue.

Mrs Elias and Mrs Murray want #2 pencils-- but they must be Ticonderoga #2 pencils-- (apparently fearing a rush on cheap, no-name brands from Canal Street in Manhattan). They want a 16 count of crayons, no larger (Golden Rod and Perriwinkle fans beware), and pencil pouches. But, for heavens sake, they ask for hard-box pencil-pouches and not the soft ones. They cap off the list with 2 packs of binder paper and a 5 subject accordion organizer.

5th grade teachers, Mrs. Dangeleit and Ms. Toth Materials, start of by saying all the supplies are recommended...(thanks). They like marble composition notebooks and have no problems with #2 pencils made by non-Ticonderoga companies. And, in an ironic twist, 5th graders should have SOFT pencil pouches, not hard ones (like the 4th graders). Odd.

And finally, Middle Schoolers should own highlighters, pens-- both blue/black and RED (aren't those just for teachers?). Pencils with erasers (duh), book socks, and of course a Spanish/ English Dictionary (sorry French students). The Middle School staff would also like Loose Leaf paper which they say is cheaper to buy in bulk for the year, rather than monthly.

The full supply lists for Garwood are availalbe in PDF format and can be printed out before a trip to Target in Clark.

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