Thursday, September 3, 2009

Is there a Volunteer in the house?

First Aid squads throughout the state are struggling to keep and attract new members. The problem is even worse for Volunteer departments like Garwood's. And in an interesting development, the Garwood Volunteer Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services are pitching themselves for new members on the free website Wikipedia.

The post, seen above is part of Garwood's main Wiki page. The post explains that the borough is covered 24/7 by a volunteer fire department and a volunteer first aid squad. It then reads: Volunteers are needed, to find out more about joining please call 908-789-0300.

It seems-- not a bad way to attract new talent to the Department. A call placed to 908-789-0300 on Saturday was answered by a recorded voicemail message by a squad member prompting callers to leave a message for the volunteer department.

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