Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Irene Crippled Garwood 1 Year Ago

Damage on Oak Street, Garwood
Hurricane Irene came to town in August of 2011 leaving a path of destruction on the South and Northsides of town. It also walloped Cranford and other towns. Irene knocked-out power in the borough closing businesses and spoiling refrigerated items for local residents. The storm also toppled a large tree on Garwood's Northside on Oak Street. Police blocked-off the area and the street remained closed days after the storm. Similar closing were needed on the Southside and at the Center Street underpass. 

The Center Street underpass, a Zone A flood area, was filled with water during the storm and also remained closed for an extended period of time.

Irene also damaged a street lamp on Garwood's Southside. Wires were also pulled off utility poles leading local officials to warn parents to keep their children away from wires while repairs were conducted.  

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