Thursday, December 29, 2011

Resolution Time in the Borough of Garwood, NJ

2011 is coming to close and while it's time for many to make personal resolutions for the New Year, the community as a whole can also set some goals for 2012. Here's one suggestion: re-subscribe to civic responsibility. While many residents of Garwood may have a sense of civic pride, there seems to only be a few that take an active role as a citizen. 

Let's all take a closer look at what we can do to make this town a model for the rest of the state. Plant a tree, sweep a sidewalk, spruce up your curb appeal, help out a neighbor, attend a council meeting, volunteer, help organize a town-wide event, shop local, donate to charity, thank a police officer, a teacher, or a member of the fire department, join a civic club, dine local, fly an American flag, buy a ticket to the 8th Grade Play, don't speed, or just take a que from the yellow guy on Center Street and smile. These are just a few suggestions, maybe one or two can make it onto your resolution list. Have a healthy and happy New Year!


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  1. great suggestions of how to become a better garwood resident. Hers a link from my last years blog with some ideas of how to increase your civic involvement also.